About Me


  • Ashley Lomax is a colorful and hardworking artist. She has spent her life learning the ins and outs of music and music business to become a better artist for herself and others. She has had incredible, once in a lifetime events occur in the performance and show production world that is evidence of what you can do with your life.  She has confidence and charm in her endeavors that translate in her stage presence.  Ashley’s target audience is an open minded and an engaging audience. They are excited for the comfortability in expression and liveliness of life and art.
  • Ashley has received positive feedback for her music and her collaboration on other projects. She has worked in recent years as a VIP coordinator for various major world tours, such as, Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Slipknot and Chris Brown. She also has released two EPs and worked with various successful indie artists on their music. She has received more than 27K listens of her Limp Bizkit cover, “Boiler”. She also hosts a podcast called “The Ashley Alexander Show” on Sound cloud and is a part of the YouTube channel, The Working class.